Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm Still HERE!!!

I did not start this blog as just a way for me to share my weight loss with people, but it seems like that is what it's turning into.  Not to say that many are reading, but I'm putting it out here nonetheless.  And here it is:

I have lost 64 pounds!

I can run 5 miles!

I feel incredible!  I have adjusted my goal weight again on WW.  My offical goal weight is 136.8 which is 36 pounds from my current weight.  (64+36=100)  That's all I want to say about that right now because I have mixed feelings.

I am still running and I am getting faster.  I ran my 8K race on 7/24 in 55 minutes and 54 seconds (55:54) which is a pace of 11:11/mile.  I was and am ecstatic about that!  My goal was to finish in an hour and I went into it a tad nervous because I had never run that far at once before.  Luckily it was a relatively flat course and I felt great that day!  Other than walking about 10 steps while I drank water 4 times, I did run the whole way!

And so began my plan for one long run each week.  My 10 week training has kind of gone by the wayside, unfortunately.  Not because I have given up or quit, but because right now I am not cut out for any other exercise besides running, walking, or biking.  I'd like to do strength training and abdominal exercises, but right now, I just don't have it in me.  And I've decided that that's okay.

I have added a cross training day to my workout and am now running 4 days a week incorporating both a speed day and a long run day into the week.  My current workout schedule looks like this:

Monday: run at least 3 miles
Tuesday: 60 minutes on the bike at YMCA
Wednesday: run at least 35 minutes with speed intervals
Thursday: rest
Friday: long run, 5 miles right now
Saturday or Sunday: run at least 3 miles

This is doable in my life, currently.  I do need to find a way to get the Wednesday run in before work because it's becoming harder and harder to get the run in after work.  For the past three weeks I have been able to run before work on Mondays, however, so I know I can do it on Wednesdays too.  I'd also like to hit the Y before work on Tuesdays, but since my husband and son can go up there and swim, it's kind of like an evening family outing anyway.

I am finding that I LOVE blogging about what I'm doing, my life.  What I don't love is my home computer because it sucks!  That's why this blog has seen so little activity lately.  I appreciate anyone who is still reading and I really hope to get back to checking in more regularly.  Right now all my blogging is being done in a notebook so I can avoid this terrible computer which needs to be pitched off a cliff.  But I'm stuck with it for now so I will try and keep posting as I can.  Or maybe I'll become a lunch time blogger at work.

Just know that lack of posting does not mean I have fallen off the bandwagon and crawled back to the couch.  Not even close.  I have reentered the world of the living, and I am loving it!!

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