Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lunch Time Check-In

I just finished eating my Lean Cuisine macaroni and cheese entree.  I can tell you that it was fabulous.  Now, as compared to say Velveeta Shells & Cheese, it doesn't even hold a candle, but as a "diet meal" it was very tasty.  I followed that up with vanilla Chobani and an apple.  Yum!  I should be satisfied for a couple hours.

This afternoon I have a Vitatop snack.  It's the Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip.  I don't love Vitatops, but I have a whole box of them in the freezer and since they cost about $45/box, I better eat them before they are too old.  So for the next month or so I guess I'll be having a Vitatop for an afternoon snack!  Psyching myself up.

I had a successful 4th of July weekend.  No binging or overdoing it except on some pretzel thins.  I'm just not going to buy those thing because it appears that I can't stay out of them!  I also took a walk on Sunday with my parents and that was fun. 

My offical weigh in yesterday had me in a new decade, the 170s!  I'm stoked.  I'm finally at a point where every pound seems to make a difference and I love it.  I'm enjoying wearing all my new clothes and feeling more comfortable with myself.

Remember that 8 week plan I posted last week?  Well, I've changed that up a little bit.  I decided that I prefer to run for time instead of distance.  And to run only 2 miles on Wednesday just didn't feel like it would be enough.  Why go backwards?  So I've started the "Bridge to 10K" program which is a 6 week program and most importantly there's an App for iPhone!  I officially started the program on Monday and today will be day 2!  I didn't get up to run this morning, I really have no idea why.  I was just enjoying my bed, and my kitty came to cuddle, and I rarely disturb a cuddling kitty!  Anyway, I will still follow the other plan except for the running. 

I am contemplating a YMCA membership.  I am not really sure, though.  How much would I use it?  There are pilates classes on Tues and Thurs at 5:15 a.m.  If I could get my butt out of bed and start working out in the morning, that would work out great!  I would still run on a M-W-F schedule and then do pilates on the other days. (Although that would really change my 8 week training plan.) I feel like I should try out a class before I jump in with a memberhsip, though.  It all sounds good in theory, until it comes time to put it into practice and then the alarm goes off and snooze takes over!  My son will be doing an activity through the Y very soon, plus he already is involved in activities.  If you have a family membership you get quite a discount on those activities.  However, just joining for that discount would be dumb, of course.  I only want to join if we/I will really use it.  Anyway, still contemplating that monthly membership fee and the budget and everything.

Anyway, there's a brief progress report for me.  Here's to losing pounds and gaining speed!!