Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Listen to music you LOVE. I guarantee it will make a difference.

I discovered something today.  My music for running has been all wrong.  I've been trying to find music that has an upbeat tempo, something to keep me going.  Of course it has to be a song that I actually like, but none of it has been very great, or music that I love.  After visiting my friend over the weekend, she convinced me that I needed to try different music, music that I love regardless of the tempo.  And do you know what?  She is really on to something there!  I switched my music today, playing all songs which I absolutely love at the moment, and I was practically singing through my run.  I logged my fastest 5K and completed 6K for good measure!  I am so happy!!  I am already looking forward to Friday's run.  Here is what I was listening to today:

Addicted by Kelly Clarkson
Apologize by One Republic feat. Timbaland
Barking at the Moon by Jenny Lewis
Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day
Breathe by Ryan Star
The Climb by Miley Cyrus
Everybody Knows by Dixie Chicks
Gotta Be Somebody by Nickelback
I Run for Life by Melissa Etheridge
If Today was your Last Day by Nickelback
Last Train Home by Ryan Star
Need you Now by Lady Antebellum

I have always loved music!  Music can carry you away.  Sometimes I turn on my iPod (best invention EVER by the way) and just close my eyes and listen to song after song.  There's no rhyme or reason to my choices, just songs that I absolutely love.  I had no idea I could do this while I was running and feel the same escape.  I am stoked by this discovery!

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