Monday, June 28, 2010

i LOVE pizza

Lest you think I have it all figured out, let me tell you about my addiction to pizza.

Yesterday we went to the pool for the afternoon.  The day before, I thawed a package of ground turkey in anticipation of making tacos for dinner that night.  But then my son went to dinner with a friend and I didn't have to cook.  (My husband doesn't get to eat when my son isn't home.)  So yesterday when we left for the pool, I had it in my mind that when we came home I would make tacos for dinner.

But then the pool was so relaxing and the sun was so draining that when I got home the last thing I wanted to do was stand over a hot stove and cook!  Tacos take work, people: grating cheese, slicing olives, chopping lettuce, cooking meat!  That's a lot of prep!  So my husband talked me into Papa Murphy's.  (This was not a long debate.  Him: "Should I go get a pizza?"  Me: "Yes.")

I was starving so I promptly inhaled a whole bag of 94% fat free kettle corn while he was gone.  I calculate points on the whole bag so it works out to be 9.5!  So now I'm down in points left, but I still have enough left for a couple slices of pizza.   We just get the Delite after all, and that is 4 or 5 points for 1/8th of the pizza, depending on the toppings.

So he returned with the pizza, the oven was already preheated, and 14 minutes later the cheese pizza was ready.  The Hawaiian required a few more minutes.  I cut the pizzas into 16 pizzas, so while I was waiting for the Hawaiian pizza, I ate 1/16th of the cheese pizza.  No biggie.

We sat down to eat and I had 4 slices of the Hawaiian, that is, 1/4 of the pizza.  And when I polished off those, I grabbed two more pieces.  By now I'm really starting to worry about my points total.  I know that 1/8th of a cheese is 4 pts, so 1/16th is just 2.  And 1/8th of a Hawaiian is 5 points, but 3/8ths is bound to be more than 15 (1+1 does not always = 2 at Weight Watchers).  So I decided to push away from the table, I am done.  But...

When I get back to the counter, the cheese pizza is staring at me, taunting me.  And since I only had that one little piece, I decide it can't hurt to have one more, you know, make it an even 1/8th.  You'd think I'd be stuffed by now, but sadly, no.

I take a break from the kitchen before packing away the leftovers--I like it to cool completely before storing it in Ziploc.  So about 30 minutes later, I go to put everything way and see that there are only 2 slices of the Hawaiian left and whole bunch of cheese slices.  Well, I can't possible taint the cheese by storing the Hawaiian in the same bag, and I cannot justify the use of another Ziploc just for two teeny tiny slices, so I ATE them!!

So when all is said and done, for dinner I had kettle corn for 9.5 points, 1/2 of a Hawaiian pizza for 19 points, and 1/8th of a cheese pizza for 4 pounts!  And I swear I could have eaten more. 

The good news in all of this is that even though each piece of Hawaiian pizza is 5 pounts, 4 pieces of Hawaiian is only 19.  Bonus, a free point by eating so much!  (If you don't know points, you might think this is crap, but even if you do know points, you might think this is crap.  But let me tell you that with points, you just never know.  For example, one sandwhich thin is 1 point, but two sandwich thins, when eaten together, are 3.5 points.  It makes a difference to count points correctly, it really does.)

The bad news to all of this, besides the fact that I seem to still have the binge tendency, is now I am over my points for the entire week, having used all activity points and extra weekly points.  And that is a yucky feeling.

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