Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hobbies & Me

Something I have not talked about on this blog is scrapbooking.

The background: I started scrapbooking in January of 2003.  I resisted the concept thinking I would hate it, but after making invitations for my son's 1st birthday party, and visiting the local craft stores, the idea was more and more intriguing.  A few months later I was a full blown addict.

I went along this way for a few years, scrapping whenever I had time, glancing through idea books at every chance.  I became a very creative, proficient scrapper too, even going back to scrap the photos from the years of our marriage prior to parenthood.  Incidentally these 5 years filled two scrapbooks while my son's first year filled two scrapbooks!!  But anyway, I loved scrapbooking.

Part of the fun of scrapbooking is buying the supplies.  And boy did I ever have fun with this!  I bought paper and stickers, rubber and acrylic stamps, inks, diecutters, ribbons, and embellishments galore.  My supplies grew from a small drawer unit to a large 12-cube wall unit, plus more stored in the closet.  Everything has its place. 

Then long about 2008 or so, I lost my scrapping MoJo.  It just disappeared.  I do not know what did it, but I just lost the passion, lost the desire, lost the motivation.  Maybe I just got burned out.  As with most of my "hobbies" I jumped in with both feet and didn't look back.  And I seriously loved this hobby. 

Unfortunately I wasn't very far into my pictures from 2005 at that point.  Now, it's 2010 and while I've done a few more pages for 2005 in the past couple of years, I still have about 30 more pages to go.  Plus we have gone on living.  So while I was behind a couple years in 2008, I'm seriously behind in 2010!  Over 4 years and two vacations behind!

And now, even though I feel a small desire to scrap, and I have all those supplies just sitting there waiting, I cannot seem to find any motivation to move forward.  Sometimes I think I should just skip ahead to 2010 and scrap those photos and when I'm back in the groove, I can work on the past photos.  I even daydream about my "Get Fit in 2010" scrapbook.

But, alas, I have done nothing with it. 

I worry about this behavior of mine, the one where I get all excited about something, start living and breathing it, and then discard it like yesterday's newspaper.  Will this happen with running, with eating healthy?  Is "Getting Fit in 2010" just that?  Something for the here and now, but abandoned too soon?

At this moment in time, I can say, No, NeverI will NEVER be obese again, I will never stop exercising.  But how do I really know?  A few years ago, if you would have asked me if I would scrapbook forever and I would have given you a whole-hearted YES.

It's a scary thing, the future.  One never knows what life will bring.  I go on and on about not focusing on the past, only looking ahead, but the unknown is almost too much for me at times.  The unknown gives me anxiety.  And this, friends, is the subject of another post.

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