Tuesday, June 1, 2010

50 Pounds Gone Forever!!!

I have lost 50.2 lbs as of this morning!  50.2!!!  I am thrilled!  More than thrilled!  Elated!!  After completing my first official 5K on Sunday and now this today, I feel awesome!

I will share more about my race after I get the digi-pic from the photographer.

To celebrate my achievement I shall plan a trip to Seattle where I will shop until I drop.

I will also be sending my rings to the jeweler for polishing and possibly upgrading!!  I think I can finally get my real wedding ring back on now.  I couldn't get it off when I started this journey, then I nearly lost a finger when I finally decided to pry it off about 30 lbs ago.  Since then I have beem wearing a different ring which is slightly bigger.  But I want my diamond back!!  I will not force it back on my finger, but I decided at 50 pounds I would at least get it polished and maybe trade in the diamond with some other diamonds my mother in law gave me and come out with a larger diamond.  Not that size matters.  Oh wait, size does matter.  It matters what size I am!!!  

And I am getting smaller!!!  And that matters more than anything right now!