Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bloomsday 2010--Didn't Run but Still a Winner

Today was Bloomsday in our little town.  Bloomsday has always been like a national holiday in our family so when I see people out and about on Bloomsday acting as though it's the same as any other day, I'm always surprised.  Don't they know it's a holiday?? 

I have not participated in the actual race very many times, but I always participate in the eating frenzy that occurs at my parents house after the race.  Fried chicken, salads, veggies, rolls, desserts; never a shortage of food when the family gets together with friends.  This year was no different as far as the food and fun were concerned.  But I was different. 

I am trying to relax when it comes to tracking my foods.  That's not to say I am not tracking, but I know there will be times through my life that I will not be able to know EXACTLY how many points are in certain foods, or there won't be a measuring cup or measuring spoon handy.  During these times I will have to guesstimate and use what I know about healthy eating in order to stay on track.  So today I planned ahead and took healthy foods (veggies, olives and caprese salad) with me, and didn't stress over every little bite.  I ate a couple deviled eggs, I had a small piece of the white meat of my husband's fried chicken.  I avoided the potato salad and the rolls, and I didn't eat any of the salads that clearly had mayonnaise dressings, and I ate a lot of veggies.  When I got home I logged in the foods as best I could, but I didn't stress.  I did not eat too much; I did not binge.  I even had enough points left over to enjoy my favorite nighttime snack--frozen berries and yogurt with a sprinkle of Fiber One.

I call today a success!!  I faced a challenge and I came out a winner.  I wish I would have participated in the actual race too.  I actually liked the shirt design AND color.

Next year I will run Bloomsday!

(Photo used without permission from this person.)

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  1. Of course you can use my picture! I like your blog and am a follower now! I like all your weight watchers posts, because I am a weight watcher too (officially since Jan 7th 2010). Thats awesome you are in Spokane too!