Monday, May 24, 2010

Great Weekend, Great Weigh In, Great Monday

Hellooooooo out there!

Today I entered a new decade, the 180s.  189.6 on the scale this morning!  I am going to try and not whine anymore about losing weight.  It is what it is, it comes off as it pleases.  Soemtimes I weigh more, some days less.  Such is the nature of the beast!  I feel incredible today.

That being said, I'm going to have to keep to my exercise this week to ward off the popcorn explosion this week.  I actually went over my points this week for the first time!  All my weekly points, gone.  All my activity points, gone.  And still in the hole over 20.  Oops.  It was the popcorn, I swear.  I took my son to see Oceans on Tuesday night and we ordered a tub of popcorn--should have stuck to the small!  I ate a lot of it, not even sure how much so I guesstimated the number of cups consumed.  Then, my husband and I went to a movie on Saturday afternoon and we again got the tub, and this time I ate even more.  I have a popcorn addiction.  I love movie popcorn, plain popcorn, popcorn loaded with butter, carmel corn, kettle corn, you name it.  Luckily I prefer theater popcorn without the added butter (or whatever that yellow stuff is), but I should have eaten a lot less.  Oh well, I'm human and it's popcorn!

I also got up this morning and went running OUTSIDE.  I'm so proud of myself.  I still didn't get to work until almost 9:00, but I got out there and ran.  It was quite chilly, but oh so sunny which was awesome!  I have a cough now which I hope goes away soon, but I can't complain about my results.  Again, I walked when I needed to, but I think I shaved some time off Friday's effort.  Unfortunately, I took a little short cut home so I don't have the exact same distance, but that is okay. 

We had a great weekend!  Friday night our son had a sleepover which was fun.  Those boys were up sooo late and then up sooo early!  To be a kid again...  Saturday he went to the grandparents while my husband and I had a "date night" to celebrate our 14 year anniversary.  We saw Robin Hood which was a pretty good movie and then ate dinner at The Olive Garden, my favorite place! I had minestrone (2 bowls) and salad with dressing on the side and no croutons.  I also had two breadsticks and two mozzerella sticks.  My husband had a huge plate of food and I was almost drooling over the fettucine alfredo which is my absolute FAVORITE.  But the soup was delicious so I cannot complain.

Yesterday morning our son called and wanted to stay another night at the grandparents which gave my husband and me a complete day to do nothing.  I did go out for a 3.1 mile walk with the dog, but other than that I just read a book all day, cover to cover.  And it was actually a pretty good book.  It was Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles.

Normally the picture on the cover of this book would have turned me off (see above), but since I bought it on Kindle it was okay--although priced higher than the paperback edition!  It was actually a young adult novel, but definitely for at least 10th grade or so.  There was drama and violence, drinking and sex, but most of all romance which I love.  The epilogue was competely corny, but the I give the book 3.75 stars anyway.  It was a great Sunday read.  Now I just found out that it's the first of a series so I must check out the others.

Today I am working on my attitude, in all aspects of my life.  Tell yourself it's so and it will be so, right?

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