Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Biggest Loser Makeover Duds

I'm not talking about "duds" knows as clothes, I'm talking about "duds" known as disappointing, not at all amazing, boring makeovers.

I always look forward to the makeover episode because it's always amazing!  Last night was not amazing.  What did they do to Daris's hair?  And Sunshine's?  And Koli is now sporting a mohawk?  I also noticed they were missing a famous stylist to help them with their clothing and it really showed in the choices worn by Sunshine and Ashley.  I'm sorry, ladies, but those outfits didn't do you any favors.  It was truly a disappointment this year, and of all people, I guess I'd saying annoying Michael looked the best.  And maybe Sam. 

I love Sam.  I was sorry to see Sam go, but Sam was at his goal weight.  I didn't want to see him losing any more weight and then being too thin which could sabotage his maintenance efforts.  So I hated to see him go, but it was fun to see him and Jennifer together at last.

And an alliance with Michael, Ashley and Daris?  All of a sudden we're playing a game.  I want to see Sunshine in the final three so she needs to stay above the yellow line indeed!

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