Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Running Shoe Diaries

Several months ago when I decided to start the C25K program, I also decided to get the Nike+iPod system.  I'm one of those people who needs to have all the cool gear up front for whatever I embark upon.  I'm nothing else if not well prepared.  Anyway, instead of going to an actual brick and mortar store, I went to  I found some shoes that I thought were cute and ordered them.

When the shoes arrived, I was dismayed to find out that instead of purple accents, the color was more of an obnoxious pink.  I kept them anyway because they were comfortable enough.  But now I am dismayed to find out these shoes seem to be the devil incarnate.

After my start and stop of the C25K program last fall, the shoes sat in the closet for months.  I didn't want to wear down the battery on the sensor during everyday wear and tear.  But this past January when I started walking on the trreadmill and then eventually starting the C25K program, I had to dust off the shoes for use.  All this time my legs have been hurting and aching, shin splints galore, and then of course the pain in my right leg for the past couple of weeks.  I just chalked up the pain to being out of shape and running.  Too much weight = too much impact = pain.

Thursday, I talked with a coworker about my leg pain.  She is an experienced runner so I hoped she might be able to tell me if she thought it was a stress fracture or pulled muscle.  "Neither," she said, "shin splints."  Well, I know I have had shin splints, but I thought you had them on both legs at the same time while running, and only on the front of the shin.  She assured me that you can have one at a time because one foot can pronate or supinate more than the other.  She wholeheartedly told me it had to be my shoes.  Look at the bottom of them, she said, see if there is a wear pattern.  I didn't think they had been used enough to show any wear, especially since I had only used them on the treadmill, but she said to look at other shoes I wear also.

I kept her comments in mind but clearly didn't pay any attention before going out for my night run.  After limping home, though, I did put on my other Adidas running shoes and attempted a quick jog on the treadmill.  I could barely walk downstairs at that point; however, so activity on the treadmill was not happening.  BUT I did notice the shoes felt more comfy on my feet.  I also examined the Nikes and my other regular shoes, and found that I am a "supinator".  So clearly I have stride issues that could be affected by the wrong shoes.  Unfortunately, Google let me know that the Nike shoes I have were designed for neutral pronation or supination. 

Yesterday was my day off of work.  With the husband out running errands and my child at school, I convinced myself to get off my butt and exercise.  I'm proud to say that even though I had a terrible experience Thursday night, I still couldn't wait to run again.  Surprisingly, the pain in my shins and right calf did not linger too much (even though the bruise to my ego was still tender), so I put on my Adidas shoes and headed to the basement. 

And I found euphoria again! 

I completed W8D2 of the C25K program without stopping at all!  I did decrease my running speed after 15 minutes, and then again at 25, but I ran all 28 minutes without stopping to walk!!!  Afterwards, I could walk up the stairs instead of hobble as I have been doing the past couple of weeks after a run.  It had to be the shoes!

My Costco special, $40 Adidas shoes, that were bought on a whim several months ago, are clearly better for my legs than the $100 Nikes.  Doesn't it just figure?!  And they aren't even cute!  Although they do have a little purple on them.

Now I'm on a mission to find the little pouch for the Nike+ sensor so I can attach it to the laces of the Adidas.  I must have my gear about me, you know.


  1. Followed your post over from C25K Facebook site. I could not agree with your story more. Actually i have the nike+ and listen to the podcasts and have not figured out out to work both togther. (I'm a greahead too, sometimes it holds me back, lol). has a link where you can find a shoe for your type now. But I ended up going to Up and Running and being fitted. While my shoes aren't exactly what I would pick they do help my runs.

    Happy Running and thanks for sharing.

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