Monday, March 8, 2010

Um, Body, I'd like to lose weight!

Can you say, "water retention?" Well, that must be my problem because the scale says I am up two pounds from yesterday and up .6 overall for the week.

Now I can hear people saying to me, "don't weigh everyday", but I usually weigh more than the once per week because a) the suspense kills me and b) I usually don't let small ups and downs effect me.

Well, today is different.

I could handle a gain if I had say gone off program, but I have followed to a T as usual. I have also been exercising, not anymore than usual, so don't say "muscle weighs more than fat." But two pounds in one GD day! You've got to be kidding me! I should have lost two pounds this week! I'm sure it's just a case of water retention, too much salt, not enough trips to the bathroom, whatever, but it is still irritating when I know I have done everything "right".

Tomorrow is my official weigh in, but I've noticed that the days after an evening workout usually don't go well for me on the scale. Tonight I will complete W3D1 of the Couch to 5k so tomorrow could be even worse. I know that's not positive thinking, but it is what it is. Perhaps I should just look forward to losing a lot this coming week. Argh, sometimes I hate being a woman!

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