Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Think I've Hit a Wall

I am trying with all my might to stay upbeat and not get discouraged about slow weight loss.  I keep telling myself that slow weight loss will be more maintainable in the long run.  But who am I kidding?!  I want to lose weight and I want to lose it fast!  Let me worry about the maintenance part of it later.  Like I'll cross that bridge when I get there, just let me get there as fast as possible.  As fast as possible without suffering from hunger pains, ha ha.

Seriously though, I have been doing everything "right".  I'm exercising.  I know it's only 3 times a week, but it's as much as is recommended and way more than I did the last time I was losing weight.  Last time I sat on the couch and easily took off two pounds a week.  I'm sticking to my points allowance without going over; last week I even ate way less and had weekly points and activity points remaining.  And what did it get me?  A measly .8 lb weight loss!  Less than one freaking pound!
I can honestly say that if that rate keeps up I will lose motivation quickly.  1-2 pounds a week is considered "healthy".  So 2 pounds is what my goal is.  Not less than 1 pound.

This is causing me to think about my plan and what I am doing.  Perhaps I need to change things up.  Eat more salad, less carbs.  Exercise more, perhaps walking on alternate days from running.  I know I need to add in some strength training, but right now I'm at a loss as to how to do that.

This morning I could not get up to run.  I went to bed late last night and as I was laying there I was dreading the morning run.  When I started thinking about the possibilities of saving it until after work, I felt a weight lift from my shoulders, so I changed the time of my alarm and planned to sleep longer.  So I guess it's not that I couldn't get up to run, it's that I couldn't sleep without knowing I wouldn't have to get up to run. 

That got me thinking, though.  I might have to switch back to after work exercise.  I have a hard enough time getting out of bed and getting to work at a decent time.  I hate going to bed early and that's the only way I can get up to work out.  But evening workouts mean less time with the family because I simply cannot wait until after the kid goes to bed.  That makes it too late.  Or does it?  Maybe that's what I do.  Maybe since I am a night owl I workout at night.  I don't know.  For today though, it's an evening workout ahead.

Anyway, I guess I am just having one of those days where everything seems difficult.  Eating right, getting in the workouts, losing weight.  I want instant results even though I know that's unrealistic.  I watched The Biggest Loser last night.  It was a week where the contestants went home for the week.  They all posted amazing losses for the week.  It just made me realize it is possible to lose more than I am losing each week and so something needs to change.  I can't afford a gym membership right now, though, or can I?  Maybe that's just my excuse so I don't have to join a gym.  Fitting in the actual trip to the gym might be harder than fitting in the monthly payment.

Gosh, I'm wishy washy.  Like I said, I'm having a rough day.  Maybe things will seem clearer after my run tonight.

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