Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blogging and Stuff

I have been reading all over the Internet about Fit Bloggin' which took place last weekend.  There's been lots of conversations about the conference and how great it was.  First, I don't even know what the point of it was.  And that doesn't mean I am criticizing it or knocking it in anyway.  On the contrary, I am fascinated.  What did they do?  And did you have to have a so called fitness blog, or health blog, in order to attend?  I must research this and find out more.

But all this talk reminded me of something I have always wondered.  Do blogs have to be about one topic in general?  Like do I have to write about losing weight and fitness on one blog, and then write about my friend Sandra Bullock on another?  While I am new to the whole blogosphere (on the writing side), I can say that I'm pretty sure I cannot keep up with more than one blog.  Basically, I don't really have the first clue about computer programming or designing webpages, therefore, I am at the mercy of Blogger to make this place fun by adding cute additions to my blog.  All things seen here are basically ripoffs from other blogs I have read, from the background to my little weight tracking gadget, yep, got those ideas from someone else.  I can tell you that the title is all me, All About Me, that is.  Dur.  Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'll be doing good to keep this blog updated, let alone any other blogs.  I do keep up a family blog, but it is mainly for sharing pictures of my son with family.  I just spent a couple hours updating that blog the other night since I hadn't posted anything for 2010!  My very first post for this blog ended up on that one, too.  See, I already have a hard time keeping it straight when the two blogs aren't even under the same account; what would it be like to have multiple blogs under the same account?  I don't even want to find out.  This is my one and only blog and I plan to keep it that way.  As a voracious blog reader, I have found it's sometimes annoying when bloggers have multiple blogs to read.  I'm just sayin'.

So, I am a new blogger, hoping to find at least one reader out there.  If you are that (un)lucky person, I have to warn you from the beginning that this blog will be about anything and everything--to do with me.  Read the blog description if you don't believe me.  Of course right now it's going to include a lot of stuff about Weight Watchers and Couch to 5K because those are two things I am really focusing on.  It will nearly never contain anything about my job, except maybe a few non-specific details like in a previous post that mentioned my 10 year service award.  Occasionally I'll probably write about family, but you can bet it won't be in a deragative or negative way since I do prefer to be on good terms with most everyone.  It is likely that I will post about parenting here and there because that is also something I try and focus on frequently.  And for sure it will be about things I'm doing, books I'm reading, other blogs I read, websites I visit, movies I've seen, places I've been, foods I've eaten.  You name it, it will be here.

That brings up another question I have always asked myself: do you have to be a good writer in order to blog?  I love writing, have loved writing since I was a kid, but I know I am unpolished at best, untalented at worst.  I sometimes find that I write the way I talk, all over the place.  I can tell you that the blogs I read are all written by talented people.  It's a little intimidating, that's for sure.  But I am now joining in!  I will continue to post about that which I find interesting or entertaining--all on the same blog. 

Now I must go read more about Fit Bloggin' and see just what it was all about.  BlogHer is another conference I read a lot about a few months ago.  What takes place at them there conferences?  Do they talk about writing, getting readers, making money while blogging, all of the above?  I will find out and report back.


  1. I have two, my everyday, love, daycare, scouting and more and then my life style change blog but the more I work with two the more I wish I had one. It's hard to keep up with both at times and you know you don't want to go to many days without writing something. I am loving yours the more and more I read.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  2. Hi Julie, I really hope you see this. If you do, will you report back? Thanks for reading my blog. Thank you, thank you. I am starting to wish our family blog and this one were all together. Oh well, it's kind of fun to have two that look completely different and add fun stuff to them. I wish I was a web designer sometimes.