Thursday, March 25, 2010

20 Things about Me

1--I'm 5' 5.5".

2--My hair is naturally curly.

3--I'm originally from Missoula, Montana.  I still love it there.

4--I am a lifetime member of WW, became one in 1999.

5--I have a yellow lab and 3 cats.

6--I work in accounting at a law firm.

7--I wish I wrote novels for a living.

8--I attended 7 different schools before I graduated, in three different cities.

9--My favorite candle scent is vanilla or coconut.

10--I love pasta!

11--Favorite vacation spots: Disneyland and Hawaii.

12--I'm afraid of spiders!

13--I wish I was a vegetarian.

14--My middle name is Ann, my former initals spelled LAW, now I am LAV (short for lavatory).

15--I sometimes wish I lived in an apartment.

16--My best friend is Joanna and we have known each other since summer 1988.

17--I would like to visit Ireland, Italy and Australia someday.

18--I would like to complete a half marathon someday.

19--I love music, especially on my iPod.

20--I love the color purple!

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