Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Great Quote

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop ~ Confucius

I Signed Up for a 10k!

I was online the other day, looking for a local 5k run which, by the way, we do not have a lot of.  I found a five mile run that for 2010 has actually been changed to a 10k, to be run on 10/10/10.  I couldn't resist, I had to sign up.  I love when numbers match up like that so I just had to do it.

Now I am trying to decide if I will register and complete a 5k in the meantime, but we really don't have any great ones coming up in our town.  There is one several miles north, but you have to pick up your packet the day before the race which would be pretty inconvenient.  When I say it's "several miles north" that doesn't mean worth driving a day ahead and staying in a hotel overnight or anything.  That 5k is to raise awareness/money for SIDS so it's definitely a good cause.  I just don't know.

Bloomsday is a 12k on May 2nd.  I will have graduated from my 5k program by then, but just barely.  And in case you didn't read that carefully, I'm doing a 5k program and Bloomsday is a 12k.  My friend is coming into town to participate, though, so I might change my mind and do it with her anyway.  Bloomsday is more about a social experience for most anyway.

I talked another friend of mine into doing the 10k with me in October.  She is also trying to get fit and lose weight.  She will be participating in a triathlon this summer.  I admire her, but there's no way a tri is for me.  I am not a strong enough swimmer to do anything like that, and just the thought of biking in a swimsuit makes me feel chafed.  She has done two tris before, though, so she'll be great.  And it will be great motivation for her to stick with her goals.

I, on the other hand, know what a procrastinator I am.  So while I am gung ho about this running thing right now, October is a long time away.  For that reason alone, I feel like I must register for something in the meantime.  Which means I could get another shirt, too.  Okay, I talked myself into it.  I'm going to fund a 5k for myself.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

20 Things about Me

1--I'm 5' 5.5".

2--My hair is naturally curly.

3--I'm originally from Missoula, Montana.  I still love it there.

4--I am a lifetime member of WW, became one in 1999.

5--I have a yellow lab and 3 cats.

6--I work in accounting at a law firm.

7--I wish I wrote novels for a living.

8--I attended 7 different schools before I graduated, in three different cities.

9--My favorite candle scent is vanilla or coconut.

10--I love pasta!

11--Favorite vacation spots: Disneyland and Hawaii.

12--I'm afraid of spiders!

13--I wish I was a vegetarian.

14--My middle name is Ann, my former initals spelled LAW, now I am LAV (short for lavatory).

15--I sometimes wish I lived in an apartment.

16--My best friend is Joanna and we have known each other since summer 1988.

17--I would like to visit Ireland, Italy and Australia someday.

18--I would like to complete a half marathon someday.

19--I love music, especially on my iPod.

20--I love the color purple!

Blogging and Stuff

I have been reading all over the Internet about Fit Bloggin' which took place last weekend.  There's been lots of conversations about the conference and how great it was.  First, I don't even know what the point of it was.  And that doesn't mean I am criticizing it or knocking it in anyway.  On the contrary, I am fascinated.  What did they do?  And did you have to have a so called fitness blog, or health blog, in order to attend?  I must research this and find out more.

But all this talk reminded me of something I have always wondered.  Do blogs have to be about one topic in general?  Like do I have to write about losing weight and fitness on one blog, and then write about my friend Sandra Bullock on another?  While I am new to the whole blogosphere (on the writing side), I can say that I'm pretty sure I cannot keep up with more than one blog.  Basically, I don't really have the first clue about computer programming or designing webpages, therefore, I am at the mercy of Blogger to make this place fun by adding cute additions to my blog.  All things seen here are basically ripoffs from other blogs I have read, from the background to my little weight tracking gadget, yep, got those ideas from someone else.  I can tell you that the title is all me, All About Me, that is.  Dur.  Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'll be doing good to keep this blog updated, let alone any other blogs.  I do keep up a family blog, but it is mainly for sharing pictures of my son with family.  I just spent a couple hours updating that blog the other night since I hadn't posted anything for 2010!  My very first post for this blog ended up on that one, too.  See, I already have a hard time keeping it straight when the two blogs aren't even under the same account; what would it be like to have multiple blogs under the same account?  I don't even want to find out.  This is my one and only blog and I plan to keep it that way.  As a voracious blog reader, I have found it's sometimes annoying when bloggers have multiple blogs to read.  I'm just sayin'.

So, I am a new blogger, hoping to find at least one reader out there.  If you are that (un)lucky person, I have to warn you from the beginning that this blog will be about anything and everything--to do with me.  Read the blog description if you don't believe me.  Of course right now it's going to include a lot of stuff about Weight Watchers and Couch to 5K because those are two things I am really focusing on.  It will nearly never contain anything about my job, except maybe a few non-specific details like in a previous post that mentioned my 10 year service award.  Occasionally I'll probably write about family, but you can bet it won't be in a deragative or negative way since I do prefer to be on good terms with most everyone.  It is likely that I will post about parenting here and there because that is also something I try and focus on frequently.  And for sure it will be about things I'm doing, books I'm reading, other blogs I read, websites I visit, movies I've seen, places I've been, foods I've eaten.  You name it, it will be here.

That brings up another question I have always asked myself: do you have to be a good writer in order to blog?  I love writing, have loved writing since I was a kid, but I know I am unpolished at best, untalented at worst.  I sometimes find that I write the way I talk, all over the place.  I can tell you that the blogs I read are all written by talented people.  It's a little intimidating, that's for sure.  But I am now joining in!  I will continue to post about that which I find interesting or entertaining--all on the same blog. 

Now I must go read more about Fit Bloggin' and see just what it was all about.  BlogHer is another conference I read a lot about a few months ago.  What takes place at them there conferences?  Do they talk about writing, getting readers, making money while blogging, all of the above?  I will find out and report back.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Power of the Run

I just completed week 5, day 2 (of C25K).  It was my best workout yet!

I am so stoked.  I was running and running and I loved it!  I was smiling.  SMILING!  I am so excited about this program.  So excited!  I had a great playlist--Lady Gaga, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and a new arm band for my iPod, too.

This workout was a great end to a day that started out kinda yucky.   I believe in the power of the run!

I Think I've Hit a Wall

I am trying with all my might to stay upbeat and not get discouraged about slow weight loss.  I keep telling myself that slow weight loss will be more maintainable in the long run.  But who am I kidding?!  I want to lose weight and I want to lose it fast!  Let me worry about the maintenance part of it later.  Like I'll cross that bridge when I get there, just let me get there as fast as possible.  As fast as possible without suffering from hunger pains, ha ha.

Seriously though, I have been doing everything "right".  I'm exercising.  I know it's only 3 times a week, but it's as much as is recommended and way more than I did the last time I was losing weight.  Last time I sat on the couch and easily took off two pounds a week.  I'm sticking to my points allowance without going over; last week I even ate way less and had weekly points and activity points remaining.  And what did it get me?  A measly .8 lb weight loss!  Less than one freaking pound!
I can honestly say that if that rate keeps up I will lose motivation quickly.  1-2 pounds a week is considered "healthy".  So 2 pounds is what my goal is.  Not less than 1 pound.

This is causing me to think about my plan and what I am doing.  Perhaps I need to change things up.  Eat more salad, less carbs.  Exercise more, perhaps walking on alternate days from running.  I know I need to add in some strength training, but right now I'm at a loss as to how to do that.

This morning I could not get up to run.  I went to bed late last night and as I was laying there I was dreading the morning run.  When I started thinking about the possibilities of saving it until after work, I felt a weight lift from my shoulders, so I changed the time of my alarm and planned to sleep longer.  So I guess it's not that I couldn't get up to run, it's that I couldn't sleep without knowing I wouldn't have to get up to run. 

That got me thinking, though.  I might have to switch back to after work exercise.  I have a hard enough time getting out of bed and getting to work at a decent time.  I hate going to bed early and that's the only way I can get up to work out.  But evening workouts mean less time with the family because I simply cannot wait until after the kid goes to bed.  That makes it too late.  Or does it?  Maybe that's what I do.  Maybe since I am a night owl I workout at night.  I don't know.  For today though, it's an evening workout ahead.

Anyway, I guess I am just having one of those days where everything seems difficult.  Eating right, getting in the workouts, losing weight.  I want instant results even though I know that's unrealistic.  I watched The Biggest Loser last night.  It was a week where the contestants went home for the week.  They all posted amazing losses for the week.  It just made me realize it is possible to lose more than I am losing each week and so something needs to change.  I can't afford a gym membership right now, though, or can I?  Maybe that's just my excuse so I don't have to join a gym.  Fitting in the actual trip to the gym might be harder than fitting in the monthly payment.

Gosh, I'm wishy washy.  Like I said, I'm having a rough day.  Maybe things will seem clearer after my run tonight.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Week 5 of C25K Makes Me Want to Whine

Up until now, the intervals for C25K have been steadily increasing.  A minute of running, 90 seconds, 3 minutes, then 5 minutes.  Well, this week, we go from three intervals of 5 minutes on Monday, to two intervals of 8 minutes on Wednesday, and ONE INTERVAL OF 20 MINUTES on Friday.  OMG, I'm whining. 

Isn't there a saying like, "If you think you can, you can.  If you think you can't, you probably can't."

I can do it.

I hope I can do it.

I really hope I can do it.

I will do it.  I have to do it.  Even if I have to whine my way through it.  And I am whining.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

What I'm Reading

My absolute favorite kind of story is a romance.  My favorite kind of romance is the kind where two people meet when they are kids, probably younger than 10.  It's always a bonus when the boy is from the wrong side of the tracks and the girl is from the wealthy family in town.  As they grow up and fall in love, something happens and they are torn a part.  Then, years later, they are reunited and live happily ever after.  Cue the music now.

Well, I am reading just such a book right now.  It is called The Sweet Gum Tree by Katherine Allred.  It is very enjoyable so far and I highly recommend it.  I see the sappy, unbelievable parts are on the horizon, but oh what fun it is.

Update: 4/1/10 This book fizzled in the end.  I gave it 4 stars in the beginning and maybe 1 by the last page.  Disappointing.

Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm Here to Say I Surived Another Day

Of working out, that is!

After my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad workout on Wednesday morning, I was a little bit anxious about the next one. The icky cold and sickness I developed this week wasn't helping calm me either. But I decided no matter how bad I felt, I was getting back on that treadmill at my normal scheduled time which happened to be Friday morning.

And when I say morning, I mean almost afternoon, because my chest cold kept me in bed until nearly noon!

But I got up, fought through the coughing and sore throat and made my way to the basement for some exercise. And you know what? I am so glad I did!

Friday was so much better than Wednesday. First, I am resolved to stick with the program, even if it means decreasing my running speed. Second, I reminded myself that I no matter how hard it is I still weigh over 200 pounds. 'Nuff said. So on went the iPod, on went the iPhone app and treadmill, and off I went.

I did end up decreasing my running speed by .2, but I kept up the incline and walking speed, and I got my smile back. If it's a good workout, I can't help but smile during the last minute of the final run. It's the feeling of accomplishment that running brings me. And today I was definitely smiling. I am so proud of myself!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Almost Died this Morning!

At least I felt like it during my run! Good gracious! I kept wondering what my face would look like if I collapsed on the treadmill. I wonder if I'd lose a lot or a little skin...

Today was Week 4, Day 2 of the Couch to 5k program. I went into today ready for fun. Day 1 of this week was not easy but I did it so shouldn't day 2, a repeat of day 1, be easier? Sadly it was not. Like the opposite of easier. It was like a thousand times harder and my worst workout yet. OMG! But I finished it and I am determined to keep going.

Someone mentioned to me that it could be a mental thing. That by looking at the schedule and knowing that I have to run twice for 5 minutes and twice for 3 minutes making it a total of 16 minutes of running, or 15.89 more minutes than I could run just a few weeks ago, might be hard to grasp phsychologically and therefore physically. I don't know about that. I mean it felt like I was grasping, this morning. Oh wait, that was gasping.

At least I can look back on it now with fondness and awe. I completed the work out, I didn't quit, and best of all I didn't DIE. And like I said, I refuse to give up so come Friday morning I'll be running my butt off, hopefully literally (and hopefully not running my face off, if you know what I mean).

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I am Loving My Hair

I love the cut, but did she do a great job on the color, or what?! 

The Scale was Kind

I actually got out of bed this morning just to weigh! I mean, I had to get up for work, but I actually got up to weigh. And lo and behold the scale was KIND to me! I actually had a loss this week of 5.6 lbs! Course last week I had gained 1.6 for no other reason that I was retaining water so this week's loss is a combination of two weeks, but yay!!! I am now down 25.2 pounds since I restarted my program in January. I am officially down 29.8 pounds from my original WW starting weigh in September of 2008. I am keeping track of the loss since January only, but my starting weight with WW shows the larger number.

Anyway, I am so happy about this! 25 lbs feels so good to me, a milestone to be proud of! I am officially 60 pounds from my goal weight! Wait, when I think in those terms it sounds discouraging. Back to the loss, 25 lbs lost, woohoo!!

I think I will try and stop weighing myself more than once a week. It really doesn't do any good, just messes with my head like yesterday. So my goal for this week, besides the usual of sticking to program (both WW and C25K) is to stay off the scale! I know I can do it. I am also going to *try* and eat less. There is no reason to use all weekly and activity points. I will if I have to, but I'm going to consciously try to consume less. Course one draw back of this milestone is that I've again lost a point from my daily allotment so that means I'll be eating less no matter what, even if I consume all my points.

But it's all good. Here's to a great week!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Really Cool Gadget

I'm in love with the Nike+ iPod system.  If you can, get it.  It will make working out fun.   

Don't forget the cute Nano to go with it. 

I will post my playlist one of these days.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Um, Body, I'd like to lose weight!

Can you say, "water retention?" Well, that must be my problem because the scale says I am up two pounds from yesterday and up .6 overall for the week.

Now I can hear people saying to me, "don't weigh everyday", but I usually weigh more than the once per week because a) the suspense kills me and b) I usually don't let small ups and downs effect me.

Well, today is different.

I could handle a gain if I had say gone off program, but I have followed to a T as usual. I have also been exercising, not anymore than usual, so don't say "muscle weighs more than fat." But two pounds in one GD day! You've got to be kidding me! I should have lost two pounds this week! I'm sure it's just a case of water retention, too much salt, not enough trips to the bathroom, whatever, but it is still irritating when I know I have done everything "right".

Tomorrow is my official weigh in, but I've noticed that the days after an evening workout usually don't go well for me on the scale. Tonight I will complete W3D1 of the Couch to 5k so tomorrow could be even worse. I know that's not positive thinking, but it is what it is. Perhaps I should just look forward to losing a lot this coming week. Argh, sometimes I hate being a woman!

Friday, March 5, 2010


I have been looking forward to getting my haircut for weeks.  The growing out of my hair was fun while it lasted, but now I am ready for something shorter, cuter, and just all around easier to manage.  I think this will do the trick.